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Elmscott & Haxeleigh PREP

Elmscott & Haxeleigh Exam Prep options include Private Onsite Tutoring, Private Live Online Tutoring, Group Tutoring, Weekend and Crash Classes, Custom Courses for Educators, and Curriculum Development.

Students can opt for a comprehensive Prep Course or Custom Review with Private Tutors. Enrollment is also possible for a section focused review.

Private Tutoring:
One-on-one private instruction with custom review and preparation options  

Live Online Webcast Group Classes:
Interactive Test Preparation and Review classes at real time on an online live board with technology accessible anytime and anywhere for teachers and groups of students

Small Group Tutoring:
An affordable alternative to individual exam tutoring

Accelerated Preparation, Review, Tutoring:
Preparation, Review Course, and Private Tutoring arranged for an upcoming test with short notice- instruction for students with time limitations

Group Classes:
Prescribed syllabus of preparation material in class settings

Live Online Webcast Small Group Tutoring:
Live online platform for group tutoring to access affordable customized Exam Preparation, Review and Tutoring

Live Online Webcast Tutoring:
Real time instruction with the ability to post, modify and conduct exam Preparation and Review on an online live board with technology accessible anytime and anywhere

Elmscott & Haxeleigh Admissions Coaching and Consulting services are available in addition to test preparation assistance.