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The path to success starts with well defined, realistic, and desired goals. Learning how to set and achieve these goals should be your first step when seeking further education. At Elmscott & Haxeleigh, we help you to set your goals, and then our team utilized expertise to facilitate your reaching your goals.

As simple as it may sound, setting a good goal is to write down what you want to achieve (e.g. I want to score high enough to be considered competitive for top tier schools...I want to score just enough to meet the requirement passed on to me by the Dean of Admissions...I want to only have to take the test once...). You basically want to take approximately a full day to prepare for your exam preparation. Many students like to review services to determine who can meet their needs best. Others like to investigate funding opportunities, which can often be linked to exam scores. You may be smarter than you think, or you may have been given incorrect information with respect to your test taking abilities. Perhaps you have not been motivated enough. Your goals are a true reflection of what you value.

Find out more about setting intelligent goals. You can commence your test prep by completing the following three easy steps of diagnose, consult, and prepare. Find out more details below.

Step 1: Target Score
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Step 2: Strategize
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Step 3: Prepare
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